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'Plain' Betty

I wish they had called it Plain Betty. I know, it is based on Univision's Yo Soy Betty La Fea. which means "I am ugly Betty," and I know that the point is for us to see how ridiculous that title is given the sea of ugly spirits posing as beatiful people that surround her.

That said, I really liked the show. It had the feel of an independent film that becomes a small hit at the box office. It almost seemed too self contained, though, as if the story had been wrapped up by the closing credits, with Betty striding confidently, with a misstep for humility, toward a city fresh with promise. I would have thought they would string out the "prove yourself with obnoxious boss" storyline rather than bring him around in the first episode and have her start to bloom quite so early..

But I will tune in to find out how they keep the interest level up.

It may be just on the strength of  Betty herself, as engaging a TV character as has come along in quite a while, though almost anyone would shine against the dull matt of Botox-injecting divas and Shallow Hals that frame her.

This could get interesting.

By John Eggerton