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'Pizza Schmizza'

Turns out the staff of ABC Sunday public affairs show This Week wound up benefiting from my ‘Jimmy” confusion earlier this week.For those who need reminding. I mixed up my late night hosts and had Jimmy Kimmel sending pizza to the staff of This Week last Friday in advance of the first show with new host Christiane Amanpour.  It was, instead, Jimmy Fallon who had sent them. I corrected it as soon as I was apprised of the brain skip, but too late to save show staffers from having to eat some “delicious” cookies while I was eating my portion of crow.

According to an e-mail from This Week spokesperson, Kimmel has now sent staffers “a very generous batch” of cookies with this note to new host Christiane Amanpour: “Christiane, PIzza Shmizza. I send cookies! Welcome to the wonderful world of Disney, Jimmy (Kimmel).

Amanpour tweeted her thanks: “Thanks @jimmykimmel for satisfying our sweet tooth. The cookies made us all very happy campers.”

“Hope you’re morning started off as well as ours!,” my note from the cookie-feted spokesperson conclude. I’ve been pondering the divergent formulas for telecom and cable connections for pole-attachment rates, so the answer would have to be a definite ‘yes.”