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Pearls of Wisdom From Keith Hernandez

Who knew Keith Hernandez loves the grunge music?

The Mets announcer (and Seinfeld alumnus), doing the color on SportsNet NY last night, might not be quite the hepcat he claims to be. As Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo was carving up the Mets lineup, play-by-play guy Gary Cohen commented on Arroyo’s side career as a grunge-inspired rock guitarist and singer. “People say he sounds like Eddie Vedder,” said Cohen.

Playing on the notion of two less-than-hip baby boomers discussing a Gen-X icon, Cohen said to Hernandez, “I know you’re a big fan of his.”

Instead of playing along with the joke, Hernandez attempted to assert his hipster cred. “I like Eddie Vedder,” he responded.

OK, maybe Hernandez is cooler than we thought. But Keith couldn’t leave it alone. “I like him when he’s solo more than…with the band.”

It seemed obvious that Hernandez couldn’t come up with the name of Vedder’s band (it’s, uh, Pearl Jam). But what’s worse, what the hell has Vedder ever done solo? I’m a fan, and can’t think of anything. An “Eddie Vedder” search on revealed one Pearl Jam-less recording: Vedder did an album with a South African high school choir called Molo Sessions.

Does Hernandez rock out to Molo Sessions on his drive to Shea Stadium? It’s a bit hard to picture.
By Michael Malone