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Orlando Stations Dig For Fresh Angles on Zimmerman Case

The central Florida stations are hustling to find a fresh angle on the George Zimmerman case, with Zimmerman showing up in court today following the death of Trayvon Martin on February 26.

WKMG Orlando has a very brief video of Zimmerman’s brother Robert, expressing relief that George is at least safe. 

“We have to somehow think that, ‘Well, at least there’s something good in all of that,’” Robert said. “He can’t be attacked this way, he most likely can’t be hurt, killed, injured.”

WKMG also has footage from last night of Zimmerman, with a coat over his head, arriving at the jail. You have to look past the large “Local 6″ logo in the middle of the screen to see the action.

WFTV has vid from the same angle. Speaking of logos, the clip on has both WOFL and AP branding on it.

WESH has footage of Zimmerman’s first appearance before the judge to hear the charges of second degree murder. 

WOFL has a sheriff shedding a little light on what the next few days at the jail hold for Zimmerman. 

Bright House Networks’ News 13 is all over the story too. Somewhat surprisingly, at least to me, a poll on the website shows that 57% of users do not agree with the decision to charge Zimmerman with second degree murder.

Zimmerman’s formal arraignment is set for May 29. If he ends up going to trial, it will rival the Casey Anthony proceedings in terms of media, and viewer, attention, coming out of central Florida.