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Orlando Stations All Over Casey Anthony

The Casey Anthony trial has come to a close, with–just in case you don’t have your iPad under that rock you’ve been living under–the so-called Tot Mom found not guilty of murdering her daughter.

If the case has captured the nation’s attention, and it has, imagine how big it’s been in Orlando, where the trial took place.

Today represented Day 36 of the trial. None of the jurors will speak today, report the stations in DMA No. 19. Their sites are awash in eye-catching red banners.

One news vet down there likened the spectacle to the O.J. trial, and countless Twitter users are invoking Simpson’s name in light of Anthony’s acquittal on the murder charges.

On, 90% of users felt justice was not served in today’s verdict. “Bruce at WFTV” is answering user questions in a live blog format.  Here’s one gem from a few minutes ago:

Comment From leogisbertleogisbert:

Why you the press are so permisive in this case?

Bruce at WFTV:

I have no idea what that means.

WESH has both ground coverage and aerial shots of a prosecution press conference going on live outside the Orange County Courthouse.  “We’re disappointed with the verdict today, and surprised,” says the prosecutor.

WOFL leads with an AP story and has a look inside the media compound in Orlando. 

WKMG’s has a lively user chatroom as well. Writes “Grandma of 9″:

If you kill your children, just lie about it, and you will be free in Florida.

And Bright House’s News 13 has been covering this thing big-time well before the trial began May 24. Wrote Jacqueline Fell, Adam Longo and Kelli Cook:

Anthony began crying when the jury’s verdict was read Tuesday after more than 10 hours of deliberations. She hugged her attorney afterward, and a prosecutor shook his head in disbelief.