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O'Reilly Grills Before Super Bowl

Fox’s pre-Super Bowl interview with the president was no pre-game softball pitch and catch.Bill O’Reilly pressed President for an answer on a number of things, including when Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak would step down,occasionally breaking in on the president to press his point that Mubarak had done some bad things.

O’Reilly gave the State Department a shout out for helping protect journalists whose lives were at risk, including Fox News staffers, covering the Egypt crisis. The President again talked about protecting press freedom as a key value. He has regularly called on Egypt to supportthat freedom,

O’Reilly pushed the president on health care reform, which he called “Obamacare,” asking if the president was ready to see the law overturned. He wasn’t.

It was vintage O’Reilly, trying to keep the interview on his pace and half dismissing answers that didn’t seem to him to be on point or specifically responsive.

O’Reilly said “many” called the president a big government liberal, the President, laughing, countered that the people who watch O’Reilly think that.

They did agree that it was a great country.

O’Reilly asked whether it bothered him that people “hate” him.  The president said the people who dislike him don’t know him. O’Reilly wouldn’t let him change the term, saying some people “hated” him. He said they didn’t know him.

The President would not choose a winner of the game, but said he didn’t want folks “chit chatting

with him while he was trying to watch. Amen!