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An Open Question

So, I guess it’s not the British Open any more. Or certainly, it is no open-and-shut case.

I tuned in to TNT’s coverage, then "ESPN on ABC’s" coverage–so many networks, so little time–of what I used to call the British Open Championship last week to find that it was called "The Open" throughout all the networks’ coverage. One announcer slipped up and almost called it The British Open, but caught himself.

But there seemed some confusion about what to call the Senior and Women’s British (or not) opens.

During plugs for those upcoming tournaments, they were referred to as the Senior British Open (for players 50 and older) and the Women’s British Open. But then later, when the Senior British (or not) Open was plugged, it had become the Senior Open, with the British missing.

The PGA seemed to want it both ways, calling it the Senior British Open on one page of its Web site, the Senior Open on another.

The Ladies PGA Web site referred to ABC coverage of ‘the British Open." Go figure.

I’m not sure why "British" was being scrubbed. The opens are certainly not confined to British players, but they are the open championships of Britain. ABC–sorry, ESPN on ABC–may have been calling it The open, but CBS was still calling it The British Open.

The (British) Open is the first open championship of golf, I think, dating back to the 1860’s, so maybe the Brits feel it does not need to be qualified adjectivally. Leave that for the upstart U.S. Open.