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One Year Later, Golden Globes Return to Glory

    A year ago, there was no Golden Globes ceremony, just a tacky announcement of winners stubbornly and stupidly televised by NBC. Last night, NBC devoted its four hours of prime time to coverage of the Globes and its warm-up show. The glamour was there, and the treasured looseness – but the best part of the show, for the most part, remained hidden from view.

Don’t be mistaken. The Globes, though its awards are not to be taken as seriously as Oscar or Emmy nods, do the industry and the viewers a service by being fairly widespread in its enthusiasms, and by corralling stars, producers and directors from TV and movies into the same ballroom, with alcohol flowing freely.

Parts of the show end up being quite entertaining. Acceptance speeches are longer and looser and so are the festivities. So much table-hopping and hobnobbing is done during commercial breaks – so little time, so many nobs to hob – that most presenters, returning from commercial breaks, had to shush the crowd like fussy schoolmarms.

“How rude ARE you lot?” Ricky Gervais asked the black-tie crowd in one such moment. But truly, their preference for mingling from table to table was understandable. NBC returned from each break showing silent glimpses of celebrities chatting animatedly with one another, and it was clear that the real show, the one most worth watching and hearing and savoring, was on the floor, while the cameras were off.

The show itself had the ups and downs of most awards shows. Kate Winslet, in her two acceptance speeches, probably set a record for overall thank-you length, but there’s something to be said for a show in which winners have the time and freedom to say what’s on their mind, however emotional or meandering. Mickey Rourke thanked his dogs, for staying loyal to him.

How can you not love that? And Sally Hawkins, who almost collapsed with happiness after winning best actress in a comedy or musical with “Happy-Go-Lucky” – how can you not love her?

She probably won so many hearts in that room that she also won a half-dozen future film roles. And how was she received when she finally got back to her table? That’s the part of the show we didn’t see – but what we did see was enjoyable enough.

Hey, it was worth it just to see “Mad Men” co-star January Jones in that gown…

Watch a clip of Tracy Morgan’s speech after 30 Rock was awarded best comedy series: