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Okay, someone ask Moonves about Freston

CBS Corp. chief Les Moonves spoke for 38 minutes today - including a Q&A session - at a Merrill Lynch conference and narry a mention of his recently-sacked "rival" Tom Freston. 

No questions about the ouster, no one asking if he feels any more pressure because of it, or even whether if he does get Redstoned one day, he expects thousands of his employees to gather in the halls and chant his name, too.

But alas, it was only investors asking the questions and not dirt-craving reporters, as the event was NJA – no journalists allowed.Therefore, the questions were heavy on margins at the CBS stations, light on getting Moonves to coyly say “good riddance.”

So our last, best chance today of Moonves saying something today about Freston rests in the hands of one Charlie Rose, who hosts a one-on-one chat with the King of All CBS Media later today in Beverly Hills at an HRTS luncheon.

While these chats tend to be puff city unless Gavin Polone is hosting them, here’s hoping Charlie stirs the pot just a little bit.

Yeah, I doubt he will either.

By Ben Grossman