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NY Stations Jump on Spitzer Bombshell

WCBS New York was first up with online video on the blockbuster announcement from Govenor Elliot Spitzer about his connection to a prostitution ring, a story that broke on the New York Times Website about 20 minutes ago. had anchor Jim Rosenfield in the newsroom, offering a few details, admitting they didn’t have much info at this time, and that an announcement from the governor was coming at any moment. The timing of the next segment was less than ideal: female anchor Dana Tyler joked about how "it was important to stay away from a guy who carries a big stick"–a nod not to the beleagured governor but to a subsequent weather forecast.

By 2:45, WABC, WNBC, WNYW and NY1 were teasing the story with various forms of "BREAKING NEWS" headlines, red banners and brief summaries of theTimes report.