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Not Sure CBS -- Or Anyone Else -- Done With Morning Moves

Tuesday’s formal announcement that Charlie Rose, Gayle King and Erica Hill will front the new CBS morning program beginning in January means their lineup is seemingly set. Well, for 2012 anyway. It would not surprise me at all to see Joe Scarborough — and perhaps Mika Brzezinski — joining that lineup in early 2013.

The MSNBC duo — which CBS has already made a run at previously — become free agents at the end of next year, and I’d expect CBS to take another shot when contractual obligations provide one less obstacle to signing Joe, and possibly Mika, to rejoin their old producer Chris Licht.

That is not to say this new CBS crew is just a placeholder, in fact adding Joe and perhaps his current partner could round out what would be a pretty solid and diverse in many ways group of talent for what the network says it wants to do in the mornings.  Adding Charlie Rose to the already impressive CBS News stable of venerable talent is hardly a bad thing, no matter how long he ends up spending on the yet-to-be-named morning program.

Clearly the mornings are becoming the new late night in terms of everyone watching what’s going to happen in the next year as changes could take place at all three shows with Matt Lauer’s deal coming up (how about Bob Costas as a replacement if need be after his fantastic Jerry Sandusky interview) and the always-swirling fantasy football rumors about changes at the strong Good Morning America franchise.

Should be a fun year to watch it all unfold.  Unless you like Halloween costumes and national weather forecasts on CBS.