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(Not So) Good Morning America

No one needs their first cringe-worthy moment as early as 7:30 in the morning, but I got mine Friday thanks to the opening of a taped piece on Good Morning America.

Coming out of the Jon Benet story, the network went into a taped piece out of Thailand on the sex trade there.  In itself, the subject matter is fine (if not a bit tabloid-esque) given the news, I guess, but what we did not need was one of the establishing shots in the story being a very tight shot on a huge lit sign prominently featuring the word "pussy."

When the show soon after shifted to a bunch of teenage (if that) girls in New York's Bryant Park for another segment, I couldn't help but wonder if they had watched the previous piece in the monitor.

Maybe I am more sheepish than most, if so, blame it on my humble Minnesotan upbringing.  But I just doubt we needed to see that word in bright lights first thing in the morning. 

On The Sopranos, the word was part of one of the great character names of all time.

But that's why The Sopranos runs when and where it does…not at 7:30 in the morning on network television. 

–By Ben Grossman