No Farewell from Dave at CBS Upfront

David Letterman won't be at CBS' upfront at Carnegie Hall Wednesday afternoon, but he might be on CBS again sometime after he ends his late night run next week.

CBS CEO Les Moonves said he had a chance last week to sit down and talk to Letterman for about an hour last week.

Moonves says Letterman will have a Cronkite deal with CBS, like the one the network had with legendary anchorman Walter Cronkite after he retired from CBS News, giving him office space for life.

Moonves said Letterman needed to clear his head before thinking about future projects. But Moonves doesn't expect Letterman to retire to his ranch and never be heard from again. "He's too proactive for that."

Letterman's successor, Stephen Colbert, will appear at the upfront. "You'll get a taste of why we're so excited," said Moonves.