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No Cheesy Milwaukee Metaphors

I’m still sort of shocked that I covered Milwaukee in the latest Market Eye profile and did not drop a single Fonzie reference. Heck, the last time I “visited” Milwaukee for B&C in 2007, I not only name checked the leather-jacketed auto mechanic (”Like Fonzie, WTMJ may be a Milwaukee institution…”), but even referred to Laverne & Shirley when mentioning a new mixed-use entertainment facility going into the old Pabst brewery.

WITI was helped by local boy Danny Gokey’s American Idol run, but Journal Broadcast’s WTMJ took late news once again.

WISN has a pretty cool web directory called the A-List. WTMJ, which was named Station of the Year last year from the state’s broadcasters association, is finding an audience with its 3 p and 6:30 p newscasts. The Sinclair duop didn’t return my calls.

Next stop for Market Eye is Memphis. Look out for Elvis references.