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The NFL Network Wants You to Know…

 “The end of daylight savings time gives fans an extra coverage hour.” 

So says a press release from the NFL Network, announcing that the network will air an unfathomable 36.5 hours of  Patriots-Colts programming coverage this week, leading up to their match-up this Sunday.

Also of note: that 36.5 hours number does not include game previews, analysis and interviews. Seriously. All of that stuff will happen in addition to the announced programming.

Oh and daylight savings time? It gives fans an extra hour of content at 2 a.m. Saturday/Sunday, as the clocks get set back an hour this weekend.

 “This is what separates NFL Network,” said Charles Coplin, NFL vice president of programming. “We have the ability to adjust and provide our viewers the most topical information on the NFL while using historical games and content to delve deeper into why a match-up between the Colts and Patriots has taken on such Super Bowl-like proportions.”

NFL Network will air a slew of prior meetings between the two teams, some of the best games from each team’s season, as well as a number of specials on Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, including a special edition of Who Is, called Who Is Better, Brady or Manning?

Sure, you have two unbeaten teams, with two stellar quarterbacks, one of whom had what many believe is the best year by a quarterback EVER in 2004, and another who is on pace to BREAK that record.

But still, 36.5 hours, not including game coverage itself? That is essentially a full work week. Huddle up readers, how much coverage is too much?