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Like NewsChannel 8, Allbritton-Telemundo Brainchild Could Extend Beyond Beltway

Sinclair chief David Smith made some serious noise when he spoke of NewsChannel 8, the cable news net he plans to acquire in Sinclair’s $985 million grab of Allbritton, likely expanding beyond Washington.

Agenda might beat Smith to it. Agenda is a public affairs program that is shot, and airs, both in English and in Spanish, and is a partnership between WJLA/NewsChannel 8 and the local DC Telemundo, WZDC.  We wrote about it in our new issue.

The program is now monthly, but appears very likely to go to weekly in September. While Sinclair still has to close on/get approval for its Allbritton acquisition before it expands NewsChannel 8, and by extension Agenda, the show may air in multiple markets on a different platform: WZDC’s sister stations within the ZGS Communications group, which includes Telemundo affiliates in Boston, Orlando and San Antonio, among other markets.

“Without question, it could expand beyond DC,” says Nicole Quiroga, general manager at WZDC. “That’s a path that can be taken in the very near future.”