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New 'Price' Host’s Pet Pot Issue

On The Price is Right, Bob Barker famously advised his viewers to “have your pets spayed or neutered!” Comedian and current The Price is Right and Power of 10 host Drew Carey has his own advice: “I think it’s clear by now that the federal government needs to reclassify marijuana. People who need it should be able to get it – safely and easily,” says Carey in his newest program.

Drew Carey (above) says the price is wrong on the issue of medical marijuana   Image: CBS

In addition to his hosting duties on CBS, Carey also hosts The Drew Carey Project on, a libertarian Web site promoting “free minds and free markets.”

Carey’s libertarian principles are well known, but the newest edition of The Drew Carey Project might not jive with the family friendly atmosphere CBS seeks with The Price is Right.

“Ahhhh… smell that smell? That’s the smell of freedom.” says Carey at the outset of the program, entering a dispensary in West Hollywood that sells medical marijuana.

In the episode, Carey talks to people with illnesses whose doctors recommended medical marijuana, as well as an L.A. County sheriffs department spokesperson who said that the department treats medical marijuana dispensaries low on the priority scale. Suffice it to say the program comes out pro pot.

Political opinions aside, the move could be risky for the comedian, whose two game shows have been looking secure on the schedule, especially with a potential writers strike looming. Now might not be the best time to alienate potential viewers.

While Carey has promised he won’t be forgoing Barker’s plea to help control the pet population, if people took his ideas about pot seriously, it might just make The Price is Right more interesting to watch.

Calls to CBS Entertainment have not been returned as of this writing.

Check out the program in question from  here.