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The New McDowell

Only two days after accompanying FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell, to the Federal Communications Bar Association dinner, wife Jennifer, has given birth to an 8 lb., 15 oz., 21 1/2 inches-long baby boy, Cormac Augustine McDowell–she's Irish, the commissioner has both Scotts and Irish blood, I'm told.

The baby was born today (April 12) at 12:50 p.m.

Mother and child are doing fine, says a McDowell aide.

McDowell has two other children, Griffin and Mary-Shea. Griffin was the subject of one of FCC Chairman Kevin Martin's jokes at the FCBA roast, where Martin spoofed Commissioner McDowell's recusal on the AT&T/Bell South vote citing less than reassuring advice from the FCC's general counsel's office on whether he was safe to vote. Martin joked that Griffin had waffled on whether or not to play with Martin's son Luke, agreeing to do so only if supplied a suit of armor.

No word on whether Corman Augustine will also need armor, but the name sounds like a budding Caesar from here.


By John Eggerton.