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Neal Shapiro Launches Blog

New WNET New York boss Neal Shapiro has launched a blog to coincide with his taking over for Bill Baker as CEO of the public broadcaster. Shapiro’s first entry yesterday thanked Baker for his innovation and determination over the years (Baker is staying on as president emeritus), while today’s post highlights some new programming, including African American Lives 2, which premieres tomorrow. 

Shapiro stressed the importance of communication with viewers: 

One of the most important things I can do as chief executive of this public institution is to open strong lines of communication with Thirteen’s community of viewers and members. That’s why I’m launching this new blog here onThirteen Onlinewhere I’ll be talking about issues affecting Thirteen and answering questions from viewers on a regular basis. Please feel free to let me know what’s working and what could be improved. Your input is one of the keys to our success.

Two posts in two days…not bad. Can Shapiro keep it up?