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NBC Universal's Super Bowl self promotion reaches new heights; lucky it's good.

 Welcome to the Super Bowl. We’re burning the cornbread and letting our toddler run riot with chicken wings in order to live blog the game. Our first thoughts? Game coverage begins at 6pm and that’s still pre-kick but seriously could NBC squeeze anymore corporate spots in? First up a misty promo for the news department’s Today Show and Meet the Press (Where’s Keith O?); the second ad break another two for the family; Universal Orlando and Universal Studios movie, “Duplicity.”

Before the coin toss, there’s little to whet our appetite for creative genius, we’d happily fast forward spots for Kay jeweler and Best Buy if we had a DVR. Thank goodness then, for NBC marketing department’s promotional mash-up to music spot featuring characters from Heroes, Chuck and Medium.

Now the game’s off to a start, we’re reminded why Super Bowl spots are $3 million, because as a viewer we’re extremely engaged in the ads. Leave it to Anheuser-Busch to raise a knowing smile to the times. A Budweiser Light spot featured a meeting aimed at cost cutting. “We could cut back on marketing,” suggests one guy, before a junior employee suggests ” We could stop bringing Bud Light to every meeting.” He’s then thrown out of the window. Message from the ad agency: cut the budget, but leave us the booze.

The Audi spot left us cold. Did a driver just knock someone off a motorbike before the strapline, “Progress is beautiful?” Slick, but confusing. Co-incidentally both the Audi spot and the following Pepsi spot used a montage of clips that jump between scenes of the seventies and contemporary times. Parallel times perhaps.

First veiled reference to the Obama presidency? A sophisticated and handsome African American guy looks around his apartment at various African art. Copy? “Toyota Venza:  It Exemplifies All of You.”

Ads we love so far: Today Show Matt Lauer interview with Will Ferrell; a promotion for “Land of the Lost,” movie. A premonition of broadcast TV of the future? (Programming intruding on the commercials.) Conan O’Brien filming a secret spot for Budweiser (he’s told it will only air in Sweden, but ends up playing in Times Square.)

Doritos spot where guys sees his fantasies come true with every crunch, a women loses her underwear; a cash machine empties, a copy dissolves. Once the bag is empty he slams into a bus. spot featuring over confident guy who goes to jelly when confronted with a dealership parking lot. The company aims to help potential car buyers. (Wait, somebody in America is buying a car?)

Ads we didn’t like: need we say it? (See their unrated content at the website the ad reads suggestively.)