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NBC Not Going Against iTunes, Yet

Last Friday we were curious to see a report on MediaPost claiming that NBC was about to allow its affiliates to sell episodes of its shows online, as FOX has recently done. According to MediaPost:

NBC will soon offer its own digital downloads of its content, providing online customers with an alternative to iTunes. Available product will run the gamut of the NBC Universal Telemundo content spectrum, including telenovelas.

The download section would reside in the NBC store at, where customers currently can purchase DVDs, licensed apparel, toys and accessories.

We thought this sounded like a pretty major shift for NBC to just let slip. After all, the peacock famously found success selling its shows through Apple's iTunes. That online store is often credited with making The Office a hit.

So we picked up the phone and called NBC and were told there is no there there.

The company is "happy with the success of iTunes," an insider at NBC told us. "Will stuff be available for sale elsewhere online someday?"  "Sure," they responded. "But nothing anytime soon."

The root of the rumor seems to be a test the company ran earlier this year when it sold downloadable videos of individual dogs at the Westminster Dog Show.

By Garth Johnston