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MSNBC Pushes 'Forward' With Williams' Golden Voice

Ted Williams (the homeless man with the golden voice, not the late baseball great) has gotten a gig with MSNBC to record voiceovers for its Lean Forward campaign, which the network launched in May to embrace its “politically progressive identity.”

“In light of the inspiring story of the ‘golden-voiced homeless man’ Ted Williams,” said MSNBC, “Williams is recording voiceovers for its Lean Forward campaign, which will begin airing this evening. Williams’ remarkable story of overcoming difficult circumstances and turning his life around embodies the very same American ideals that the Lean Forward campaign seeks to highlight.”

Williams is also slated to appear on The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell tonight (Thurs.) at 10 p.m. ET.

Williams became a YouTube hit and something of an instant folk hero when a Columbus, Ohio newspaper got him to display his vocal talents while panhandling.
The Smoking Gun dug up Williams’ rap sheet, and he admits to problems with addiction, but by all video accounts, this Ted Williams seems like somebody whose story could be a lesson in redemption and second chances, kind of like Michael Vick’s if you can get over the whole dog-strangling thing, which is tough but not impossible.

P.S: I met the other Ted Williams once at a NATPE convention and he seemed like he would have been just as happy hitting me with a baseball bat than posing with it, though he did shake my hand and did not hit me.