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More GMs From News For the List

I got a bunch of reader emails about the story I did on news directors increasingly getting tapped to be general managers. rnrn”Yes a few of us made it through the crack and it is great to see Dan [Bradley] continue on,” wrote Herb Gold.rnrnFunny thing about the story–when I set out to write it, I figured the angle would be that, with the economy being what it is, it’s never been harder for a newsroom vet to move up to GM. After I’d spoken to 10 or so sources, I found the opposite to be true.rnrnI’d included in the story a short list of prominent GMs who came from news–by no means a comprehensive list. Many of the emails I got yesterday simply wanted to add the name of their boss or employee to the list.rnrnThe expanded list includes, but is certainly not limited to: Mark Pimentel at WHAS, Jim Tellus at WTHR, Hank Price at WXII, Jeff Bartlett at WMUR, Pat Costello at KING/KING (technically a station manager), and something like half of the GMs at the News-Press & Gazette group.