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Momentum in Motown

Detroit sure has been in the news of late, with cover stories both in Time and Sports Illustrated. Sports-wise, the Tigers will probably clinch a playoff spot by the time you read this [UPDATE: Nope, they’re tied with the Twins], and the Lions won their first game in a few years last weekend.

Add B&C to the media mix, as we focused on the #11 DMA in our Market Eye story that’s out Oct. 5.

Speaking of Motor City football, WJBK VP/GM Jeff Murri mentioned some innovative initiatives in the fantasy sports world, including “Fantasy Sports Geekly,” a weekly live chat about which players to trade and which to dump that’s hosted by Detroit sports radio guy Sean Baligian.

The Fox O&O also features the web program “The Point After” Mondays at 10 a.m., where fans can vent about the Lions’ performance the day before.

Murri said the Lions did blockbuster ratings during the streak, as each week was an “event.”

Detroit will see if the Lions can build on their new win streak against the Bears this weekend.