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'Mobile' Media

I checked in with Mobile-Pensacola for my Market Eye profile in the new issue, where the optimism is similar to what I’m hearing from a lot of markets nationwide. The giant German manufacturing outfit ThyssenKrup is hiring at all levels; between that and the heavy military presence in DMA No. 60, station GMs say the employment picture should look pretty darn stable for the foreseeable future.

WEAR does local news in HD. 

The stations are planning for that future. Sinclair’s MyNet outlet WFGX is putting up a new transmitter to help the station, formerly a low-power outlet, cover the whole of the vast market. Media General’s WKRG is hiring for some of the positions that were reduced in the last few years.

There are good economic signs all around. “Business is picking up–it’s certainly better than last year,” WKRG boss Joe Goleniowski told me. “Auto has come back, retail has come back…Pretty much all the categories have come back.”