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In the Middle Of It

As if it wasn’t hard enough to be a journalist in a war zone, and the experience of Bob Woodruff and Kimberly Dozier demonstrates that it clearly is. Now there is word from the nonprofit Israel Project that a terrorist group in Gaza is putting journalists in even greater danger. According to the group, an Iranian-backed terrorist organization used a truck disguised as a TV van to carry out attacks against Israelis.

If that is true, it is a frightening development.

And speaking of Woodruff, he will be reporting from Syria and Jordan starting tommorrow for ABC’s Good Morning America, World News With Charles Gibson, Nightline and online.

He hsa said he is not ready to return to Iraq, where he was almost killed, but that is not keeping him out of the Middle East, reporting on the millions displaced by the figthing in the region.

The next time some golf commentator starts talking about the "courage" it took a tanned golf pro with somebody else carrying his bag to use a seven iron rather than a six over the water at the 17th hole, instead think about the journalists like Woodruff and Dozier just doing their jobs.

By John Eggerton