MCN Online Extra | Jan. 6, 2020

Special Report: Viewer Watch 2020
After the Fall
As TV’s traditional business model fractures, programmers and distributors look to pick up the pieces

The New Normal: Streaming Takes Center Stage
New Strategies, Old Problems
Good News for Digital News (including online-exclusive extra)
Viewer Watch 2020: The Charts

Five Things to Watch at CES 2019
Hieronymus Bosch Poised for Noisy 2020
The Watchman: TLC Gets ‘Hot & Heavy;’ Disney Takes It to the ‘House’

Fates & Fortunes

Freeze Frame

The Five Spot
Dee Harris-Lawrence, EP/Showrunner, ‘David Makes Man’

Top five stories on, Dec. 27-Jan. 3
1. Hearst Extends DirecTV Negotiations
2. Cable, Satellite Distributors Watch the Clock
3. DirecTV, Hearst Still Talking
4. Court Blocks Maine A La Carte Law
5. AT&T TV App Ends Support for Roku