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McCain Continues To Chide Obama Cheerleaders

John McCain continues to hammer the press over its coverage of Barack Obama’s overseas trip.

According to a a copy of McCain’s speech to be delivered at an Ohio town hall meeting Thursday, McCain joked:"You have billed this event as a Presidential Town Hall, and I sincerely hope that the next president is here

today. My opponent, of course, is traveling in Europe, and tomorrow his tour takes him to France. In a sceneLance [Amrstrong] would recognize, a throng of adoring fans awaits Senator Obama in Paris — and that’s just the American press."

Earlier week, the campaign released a video–The Media Is In Love With Barack O’Bama–that strings together clips of journalists speaking about Obama inglowing terms.

It is actually a contest of sorts, with the same clips set to two different tuens–"You’re Just Too Good To BeTrue" and "My Eyes Adored You" and surfers invited to vote for their favorite, which will become a TV ad.The campaign’s point is that the mainstream media is in the tank for Obama. "It’s pretty obvious that the mediahas a bizarre fascination with Barack Obama. Some may even say it’s a love affair," says the Web site.

At press time, "Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You" was the winner hands down at 86%.