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The Martin/Obama Connection

I know a few things about Kevin Martin. He likes a la carte for one thing. He likes a la carte for another thing. And did I mention he likes a la carte.

I also know that there is some net about which he is not neutral. Marton is a college basketball fan, particularly if the team is alma mater North Carolina, though I don't know if anyone can hear him cheer since he is incredibly, famously, strain-to-hear-him-above-the-tape-recorder-white-noise soft spoken.

But here is something I didn't know. According to former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt, Martin plays the game in addition to watching it.

Hundt told C-SPAN in a taping for its Communicators series this weekend that Martin "played basketball with Barack O'Bama at Harvard Law School."

"Fight fiercely Harvard, fight, fight, fight. Demonstrate to them your skill. Albeit they posess the might, nonetheless we have the will. For we will fight for Harvard's glorious name. Won't it me peachy if we win the game. Oh Goody."

Sorry a bit of Tom Lehrer has escaped from the vaults. Where was I.

Hundt called Martin "very competitive," by which I think he meant he could play rather than he needed to win more than he needed to have a good time, but Hundt is also trying to get Martin's FCC to give him a bidding credit so he can win wireless spectrum in the upcoming 700 mHz auction, so his handicapping of the Chairman's game may be colored by that.

Anyway, he says O'bama "maybe has a better jump shot."

As a former gym rat and manager of the basketball team at William & Mary (former FCC Chairman Michael Powell's alma mater, by the way), I hereby challenge the current chairman–or Obama for that matter–to a little game of one on one.

I must, in the interests of full disclosure, reveal that I was once the leading scorer on the journalist-packed Hacks team in the Hacks vs. Flacks basketball game during half-time of a Bullets/Celtics game 20-some years or more ago. I was even interviewed for the local cable sports network under the basket as Larry Bird and Kevin McHale worked their front-court magic just a layup's worth of hardwood away.

But I digress.

Come, on, Mr. Chairman, let's see what you've got.

By John Eggerton