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Make Broadband, Not War

Democratic presidential front-runner Barack Obama continues to reference media issues in his victory speeches. On Super Tuesday he talked briefly about parents taking more control of their kids media consumption by getting them out from in front of the TV set or the video game screen, an issue he has weighed in on before.

Last night, while talking about the cost of the war in Iraq and what that money could be better spent on, he included "laying broadband lines" in the list.

Obama has been active on the media front, weighing in last fall at an FCC media ownership public hearing in Chicago, slamming the FCC for its Dec. 18 vote to loosen the newspaper-broadcast crossownership ban, talking at one point about making network neutrality policy a priority of his administration, and seeming to send a shot across the bow of broadcast obbyists by saying that he would "“confront the entrenched Washington interests that have kept our public airwaves from being maximized for the public’s interest.”