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Maine Events

How is it that the good people of Portland, Maine assembled a 62 foot lobster roll over the weekend, and the general managers there didn’t see fit to tell me about this historic, even Guinness Book-worthy event? The monster lobster roll assembly was part of the Old Port Festival.

Out today is our profile of Portland-Auburn, which is the #77 Nielsen DMA. The market has taken some lumps, but it sounds like it turns into paradise around this time of year. Gannett’s WCSH does some blockbuster numbers, and GM Steve Thaxton says he can see the ferries and sailboats cruising by from work.

“It’s a phenomenal lifestyle here,” he says (uh, especially if you’re putting up 50 shares in morning news). “If you can hack the winter weather, it’s just a great place to live.”

Mind you, WCSH gets some good competition from the likes of Hearst-Argyle and Sinclair.

Mega-lobster rolls, sailboats, awful sunburns on the back of your pale Irish-American neck…can’t wait for a summer vacation.

[image: AP via KABC]