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In the Magazine: HBO's Lombardo 'Surprised' by Vitriol Aimed at 'Newsroom'

Everyone seems to have an opinion about HBO’s new Aaron Sorkin drama, The Newsroom, so we decided to ask the premium network for theirs after giving the series an early second-season renewal. Michael Lombardo, president of HBO programming, spoke to us about HBO’s reaction to the first month of the show, including responding to critics:

“Look, critics are entitled to their opinion and I respect their right to like or dislike a show. I think the thing that surprised me with some of the reviews was [this level of] vitriol. It’s fine not to like the show. And I don’t know what to attribute that to. But I think it’s been written about, it’s been talked about and the heightened vitriol from some of the reviews surprised me.”

For more from Lombardo, including his reaction to claims that The Newsroom is too preachy or its female characters are too weak, pick up this week’s issue of B&C or subscribers can click here.