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'MadTV' Takes a Cue From 'SNL'

MadTV, Fox’s late night comedy sketch show and SNL’s only Saturday night comedy competition has announced guest hosts for the upcoming season, the show’s 13th.

Talk show (and now MadTV guest host) Jerry Springer

Talk show legend Jerry Springer, Survivor host Jeff Probst, and gossip blogger and “queen of all media”  Perez Hilton have signed on to act as guest hosts for the series.

The season premiere September 15th will be a special of the show called “MADtv Ruined My Life: The Outrageous Sketches That Shocked a Nation.” Springer will host from his studio in Chicago, taking a look at the most controversial sketches from the shows 12 seasons.

Probst will host “Survivior: MadTV” on September 22nd. The special will look at the show’s top television satires, from The Sopranos to Probst’s own Survivor.

Hilton will host “I Want My MadTV” on September 29th, which will feature the most popular music videos, commercial parodies and celebrity impersonations from the show.

SNL has had a guest host every week since the shows creation in 1975, MadTV, which launched in 1995, has occasionally had celebrity guests, but has never had them on as guest “hosts.”

By having the celebrities ( and I use the term loosely here) host one hour specials, instead of standard shows, MadTV may be trying to differentiate themselves from their older, liver Peacock brethren.