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Love That Bob

Tipped off to what was billed as a surprise homecoming with video, I tuned in to ABC's World News Tonight Tuesday not knowing just what I was going to see.

I have to admit that I have been astounded by the long and thoughtful statements released from former anchor Bob Woodruff during his recovery from a traumatic brain injury, particularly his acceptance speech, delivered by Martha Raddatz, for the Radio & Television Correspondents Association David Bloom award for excellence in enterprise reporting only two months after he was severely wounded while covering the war in Iraq.

Having known two people, one closely, who suffered from severe head injuries, I was amazed at his cognitive powers so soon after the accident.

I was equally amazed at his surprise appearance at the ABC News studios Tuesday. He looked good, all things considered.

I am looking forward to his return to ABC News' air in whatever capacity seems to fit. Being with friends and colleagues who love and support him is a key to any recovery, as his wife suggested last night.

By John Eggerton