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Lou Dobbs Topped By Decomposing Golf Ball

Lou Dobbs’s exit from CNN made the top five news links on the blogosphere last week (Nov. 9-13), according to the latest Project For Excellence in Journalism New Media Index report.

It came in at number five with 8% of the links, though it was beaten by a story about the exit, ecologically speaking, of a golf ball, a CNN report about Danish researchers who concluded it would take a golf ball between 100 and 1,000 years to decompose in a landfill.

The top story in the blogs (22% of links) was the same as in the mainstream press–more fallout from the Fort Hood shootings, while number two in the blogs (20%) was the debate over healthcare.

Story number three in the blogs (11%) was the execution of the D.C. sniper.

Topping the tweet list of most referred-to links was Twitter itself. The two most-tweeted stories were about Twitter troubles with the roll-out of its “retweet” feature and its link-up with LinkedIn.

The other top five were all net-related as well, with links to stories about Google Chrome, Windows 7 and the iPhone.