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Long Arm of TV

When I first got pitched on the CBS 48 Hours/CSI tag team sweeps story on serial killer William Bradford*, who is awaiting execution, I was ready to roll my eyes

Serial killers, Nazis, asteroids. Must be sweeps.

But as the father of three lovely daughters, I'm all for this one, sweeps promo or not.

48 Hours
and CSI are both publicizing wanted posters full of pictures of young women photographed by Bradford. L.A.'s Cold Case unit wants to track all of the women to make sure they are OK. Bradford murdered at least two of the women he photographed.

CSI is involved because one of its co-stars discovered her sister's picture among those in Bradford's collection and remembered being photographed herself.

CSI decided to do an episode stemming from that discovery, and 48 Hours was already planning to do a story on the posters and the search.. The two decided to combined for a news treatment Nov. 11 and the fictionalized version Nov. 13, with both advising viewers to check out the online posters and contact L.A. police.

As a longtime fan of Fox's America's Most Wanted, I know the long arm of TV and hope it is applied in this case.

*William Braford awaiting execution is not to be confused with William Bradford Huie ( I love Googling!), who wrote "The Execution of Private Slovik," which was made into one of my favorite TV movies with Martin Sheen in his best TV role. Well, maybe it doesn't beat That Certain Summer, which had a dynamite cast–Hal Holbrook, Hope Lang–and dealt sensitively and powerfully with homosexuality, arguably the first TV movie to do so.