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Liveblogging 'The Tonight Show,' Part Two

See Part One Here.

12:18- I just want to say, for the record, that I am excited to see Emeril. The man lost Emeril Live! What will I watch when I am hungry now?

12:21-Whoops, guess Jay didn’t get the memo about Emeril Live being cancelled.

12:22- Having gone to college in Massachusetts, I know how hard it is to understand a Massachusetts accent. Both of these men are real New Englandahs.

12:24-On the origin of Bam! Basically an excuse to keep people awake?

12:27-It is tough to juggle cooking with an interview. Leaping flames  from cognac don’t make it any easier.

12:29-Now to the musical guest… and a teaser… Conan in full strike beard! Stay tuned for that one.

12:34-Chingy is performing. Exactly the same as if there were no strike.

12:35- No update, I just want to add that Letterman’s top 10 list was very funny. That is all.