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Liveblogging 'The Tonight Show'

11:37- And here we go! Hey, where’s Jay Leno’s strike beard?

11:38-Stagehand Richard has a strike beard…

11:40- OK, Lets talk about Leno’s monologue, he just said that he wrote it himself. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but according to the rules of the strike set by the WGA, writing your own jokes technically counts as struck work, what gives Jay?

11:40-Jeff Zucker’s house vs. the writers houses, funny, pro-WGA stuff. Still not super funny. [edit: I now see that this does not make sense, I meant to say that it isn’t very funny. It’s late, sorry.]

11:41- I just realized that this monologue is just like every other Leno monologue I have seen… does the guy really write all this stuff? The man is a machine, the John Eggerton of late night hosts. Though, again, I believe Leno is breaking WGA rules.

11:43- I just noticed that NBC is pushing both American Gladiators and the Olympics in the lower left corner. Never take a break to stop pusing shows, never!

11:45- I don’t think I will get the image of Larry Craig from the Jib Jab cartoon out of my head. Ever.

11:46-Speaking of the cartoon, pretty funny, though riffs on Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire are totally 1998.

11:52- This is why Jay has a career in politics after his TV/stand up career ends. The man is handling questions from strangers better than his most politicians, certainl better than his first guest (Huckabee). Look at how he dodged that New Year’s resolution question!

11:53- Huckabee planted a supporter in the audience! And Jay turned it around with a Monica Lewinsky joke! Awesome.

11:54- Aaaaaand then he blows it with the lame impression. Not a high note to end the bit. Let’s see what Mike Huckabee has to offer. I wonder if Jay will ask him about the Romney ad?

11:59- I don’t think Huckabee liked the funny name joke.

12:01- Yawn. Softballs, I’ve heard about Huckabee’s rock band, and that he pardoned Keith Richards. We get it, the man knows how to rock, yadda yadda yadda.

12:04- And then Jay ends with an old interview featuring the larger, younger Huckabee. I’m sure Mike is regretting his appearance right now… unless he wins in Iowa tomorrow/today.

12:09- Oh snap! Huckabee is jamming the bass! That is def gonna get the coveted Iowa jazz musicians vote. Both of them.

12:11- Aha! Jay finally comes out swinging with the attack ad question, but softens the blow by allowing Huckabee to mention that Romney has spent $8-9 MILLION on ads, and then lets him attack Romney. OK.

12:13- I don’t buy Huckabee’s argument here. The press may be cynical, but they would probably think there was an ad. They would still recognize it as a stunt, but hey…

12:14- Nothing says awesome late night TV than a discussion of altrernatives to our current income tax system. Did Jay really let that attack ad Q go unanswered?