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Liveblogging Letterman

11:42  Dave thanks WGA for allowing writers to come back to show before explaining the reason behind the strike: "Simply spoken the writers are sick and tired of having to buy their own pencils."

11:44  Writers Strike Q&A. Dave takes audience questions. What’s with the picketers outside. "Those people have nothing to do with the strike," Dave says. "Those are people who just hate the show."

11:47  Dave invites "personal attorney Jim Jackoway" to explain the terms of the show’s deal with the WGA. Chubby kid comes out, looks nervous then runs for the exit.

11:50  "Late Show strike captain" interrupts bit about electric underwear to remind everyone that strike goes on and lay into the "greedy" producers for spending all their money on "cufflinks, cocktails and whores." "Stick a crowbar in your wallet and start bargaining in good faith!" A message brought to you by the WGA.