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Liveblogging 'The Colbert Report'

Check out my Daily Show liveblogging here.

11:31-Ha! Clever opening, hey, if you don’t have writers… I am curious to see how he can do the show, seeing as he technically plays a character.

11:34- This is a good way to kill time, just have the audience applaud for minutes on end. Bad TV, but a good time waster.

11:35- He looks like he’s staying in character. And the prompters are in fact empty.

11:37-Following up with the presidential run. Very nice. BTW, can they legally show old clips? Do the writers get residuals for showing the old clips?

11:38-Chuckabee makes another appearance.

11:40-Huckoberry ‘08. Classic.

11:41-This is very funny, I don’t know how long they can keep that up. It will be hard to top this.

11:43-So Obama will meet with the leaders of Iran and Syria, but not Colbert. Well, the writers aren’t picketing Tehran Stephen.

11:45- An anti-union montage! This is certainly a strange way to show solidarity. Funny, but strange.

11:46-Hmm… this segment is now 15 minutes in, was Comedy Central having a hard time finding sponsors? whats the deal?

11:47-There can be no Word without writers. The segment will be sorely missed.

11:50-Hmm, again, I believe that there is nothing the prompters, but this comes dangerously close to writing. Will the WGA take any sort of action?

11:51- Andrew Sullivan! Interesting guest.

11:53-Sullivan is looking a lot like a politician here. And Colbert is keeping character.

11:56- They should have run two segments with Sullivan, that was fascinating, but way too short.

11:59- I am officially confused, the show should be over, but they have another guest, an author and expert on, yes, unions. Just like The Daily Show. I guess they decided they may as well go long, rather than cut down the first segment.

12:01- I can’t keep my eyes off this guy’s hat. Is that a fedora or something? It is definitely getting late.

12:02-Who wouldn’t want to be a pirate? Ah, is there anything unscientific polling won’t show.

12:03- Another awkward ending to an interview. Blah.

Thanks for checking in everyone, I need to catch some Z’s.