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Live From the VMAs

Aaand the VMAs have started. Justin Timberlake just emerged from the floor. Members of the press and other special guests have taken our seats after drinks and appetizers. My music-writer friend and I were randomly at a table with a girl from Australia who won her ticket (and seven nights in an NYC hotel) by texting in to a contest for MTV australia. Rock on, new media.

It's amazing to see how tightly produced this thing is in person. Hordes of stagehands descend upn the stage to move the massive sets during commercials. The taped bits are projected on the walls of Radio City for us live attendees to see.

Pyrotechnics! And host Jack Black emerges in a metallic VMA mascott-style moon man outfit and has the audience on its feet with an opening song. Now Montel's (?!) joined him for a cameo before a Raconteurs (Jack White's side project) performance.

Oh no they did-ennnt. Lil kim's just come out in orange prisonwear to present the award for best male video to James Blunt. Oddly, the way they have it set up, the celebrities are actually on stage. Like Christina Aguilera-in a floor-length sparkly silver dress is kind of waltzing around while Blunt accepts. More to come…

By Anne Becker