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Live Blogging the Emmys: Empty Promise

Yeahhh…ran into someone from the past at the bar during one of the breaks so forgive the lapse. But now Glenn Close, Mary-Louise Parker and Kyra Sedgwick are giving out the TV movie award and Glenn’s giving a shout-out to cable television for running shows with female leads. 

The cast of Jersey Boys do a medley against Sopranos clips…and the woman in back of me, apparently from Jersey is freaking out.

Gore wins the Emmy for Current. Also gets a standing ovation. I know from a solid source he knew they’d won well in advance. Wonder how Bravo feels about that (they were nominated too).

Kanye, Colbert, Tina Fey, etc, etc, etc.

Guess they’re different from Emmy shows past, but otherwise, Ehrlich’s promise seems pretty empty. That said, an enjoyable show. Off to the Gov’s ball. 

By Anne Becker