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Live blogging the Emmys due to boredom, part deux for dull

It’s hour two of the Emmys (here in Colorado — people are ahead of me in other places, I see) so I’m going to start a new blog entry so as not to get too long. This is a good time to start anew because this marks the beginning of what’s likely to be The Sopranos’ domination of this show.

Wahoo! The Daily Show wins! I was thinking they just nominated every late night show there is until I realized that Letterman and Leno actually weren’t nominated, which is sort of ironic. Anyway, whatever. Go Jon Stewart!

That was a brief moment of excitment and now I’m back to being bored by Tony Bennett, even though the guy is kicking some serious butt for an 80 year old. Or anyone, for that matter. Wait, this guy just thanked Target before he thanked his wife on their anniversary. Ha ha! And then Tony introduced his 40-year-old blondie blonde wife. Wow, things are really getting interes … wait, now we’re introducing accountants. Nevermind.

Interest is picking back up because Mary-Louise tops my if-I-were-a-lesbian list.

Of course Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee — the Emmys’ most nominated show — wins. I look up from my blogging and am surprised to see Dick Wolf there. And then I’m doubly surprised to hear that his wife is about ready to have a baby.

Here’s Joe Mantegna, who I just interviewed for a story and he was completely lovely. Anyway, how did that guy never end up on The Sopranos, yet was nominated for an Emmy for The Starter Wife? It just seems wrong. I wish him all the luck in the world on Criminal Minds. He seemed genuinely excited about it.

Jersey Boys singing to The Sopranos montage is a nice production number. I sort of miss production numbers at these events. They used to be the only reason you watched them, but they’ve mostly gotten cut for time. They should have cut to black at the end of that, but instead all 300 members of The Sopranos’ cast are walking on stage. Damn, Hollywood loves this show. They get to stand there longer saying nothing than all the other people trying to give speeches.

Patrick Dempsey just walked on stage and all that talk about lesbianism was just teasing.

Helen Mirren is the new Judi Dench. Except hotter. No seriously, she’s not a young Hollywood ingenue, but she definitely has a hotness about her. And I dig her crazy purple satin dress. And why do English actresses always give such better speeches than American ones?

OMG the awards for mini series never end and there’s only like five of them on TV!

One thing that’s great about live blogging is that it’s like watching TV with a friend, saying everything that crosses my mind, and being found endlessly interesting only there’s no one sitting here to say to me, no actually you are killing me with boredom.

Ok, Al Gore is now on my screen, introduced by Tom from MySpace (shameless News Corp. plug number 352), so we have reached a pinnacle of boredom. Oh, except two wonderful things: 1) Al makes a political statement, likely driving rumors again that he’s going to run for president and 2) he forgets to thank Tipper until the music starts.

Tony Bennett just beat Stewart and Colbert — they must be cancelling each other out, plus as we all know it’s age before beauty. Colbert will now talk about getting beat both by Tony Bennett and Barry Manilow for the next year.

Things have to get better from here so I’m moving on to part three to complete my Live Blog trilogy.