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Last Night on TV: Studio 60 Gets Deep

It was a treat to see more fleshed-out portrals of the "other" main characters in this episode of Studio 60 - up until now, Nathan Corddry's Tom Jeter (left) has served only as straightman for the other two members of "The Big Three," and Ricky and Ron were only there to piss off Danny and Matt. Tom's backstory is starting to come out, and I'm eager to see where it goes. I'd like to see more of this character outside of the sketches.

Ricky and Ron were, for the first time, sympathetic characters. For this to happen, Danny had to become a bully - not that Danny hasn't been a bit of a bully all along, but this was an uncomfortable side of the character to watch. For that I'd like to thank the writers for making all three of these parts multi-dimensional.I was startled to realize that I was holding my breath every time Ron offered to resign - and I was so happy that no one took him up on the offer!

By Guest Blogger Liz McKeon