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KVVU's Super Spots Spiked

A day after AOL announced it was acquiring Huffington Post to be more of a player in the news game, AOL News has an interesting story about KVVU Las Vegas running afoul of the NFL’s policy on gambling related spots. The Meredith station was forced to dump $360,000 worth of spots from Station Casinos moments before the Super Bowl kicked off on Fox.

Station Casinos, an 18 casino conglomerate, was set to air 5 30-second spots promoting its venues. The NFL caught wind of the campaign and said no way.

Steve Freiss writes:

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy did not elaborate, but he did confirm the sequence of events in an e-mailed statement to AOL News today: “Correct. We had a conversation before the game with Fox which informed the station it could not air the spots.” 


“Simply put, gambling and sports do not mix, and we are committed to keeping gambling away from our game,” McCarthy told AOL News. “Sports gambling threatens the integrity of our game.” 

It’s not known if KVVU was able to find other takers for the spots at the late hour.