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KTXD 'Broadcast' Gets National Play

KTXD Dallas got a little primetime plug on CNN May 19, but it wasn't the type of plug one hopes for. Anderson Cooper blasted the independent's current events talker The Broadcast when cohost Amy Kushnir voiced her disapproval of ESPN showing Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend during its NFL draft telecast.

Kushnir, who seems to be partial to finger quotes, said it was "wrong" to show the kiss. "I don't want it in my face," she said, adding "get a room!"

Cooper, for his part, thought Kushnir was wrong to say so, and doomed The Broadcast, modeled after The View, to his "Ridiculist." He concluded the segment with an archival clip of Kushnir kissing a couple male strippers on the set of the show.

KTXD, owned by London Broadcasting, broke from Me-TV last year to make room for more local shows, and viewers howled about it.

Kushnir ended up walking off the set. She spoke with Glenn Beck May 19, who called that installment of The Broadcast "one of the most incredible pieces of television" he's ever seen. She told Beck about receiving a death threat related to the broadcast.

She also spoke with Fox News.