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KMBC: Sexy Stewardesses and Pastor John

Today’s weird juxtaposition of the day comes from KMBC Kansas City, whose homepage features a story about the risque Thai stewardess soap whose title translates to "Battle of the Angels" that’s apparently drawing the ire of flight attendants worldwide. At issue are the "cat fights, sex scenes and skirt lengths," not to mention "fights on flights" and "sex on stopovers." It’s a CNN clip that KMBC is featuring on its homepage. 

What’s weird is the advertising–both a pre-roll and a banner–that surrounded the clip when we accessed the KMBC site. It’s from John Hagee Ministries, offering "All the Gospel to All the World" while imploring KMBC users to "return to righteousness."

Did Senior Pastor Hagee reckon he’d be sharing the cyberstage with something more wholesome than randy Thai soaps, such as schoolboy football or the frigid weather enveloping KC, or is he fixing to save the souls of those airline hostesses who, according to the clip below his ad, "serve up more than just a midflight snack"?

One wonders.