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KING's New News Head and CourtTV Ups GM

The KING of Seattle. Ok, so it’s not a guy but a TV station and you know that. Besides the great calls, KING is an amazing operation. Top drawer all the way. The Belo NBC affiliate in Seattle has a new News Director in the form of MARK GINTHER. Belo never calls their head news people News Directors, so his official title is Executive News Director and his first day will be January 14 of ‘08. Until then, he’ll be finishing up and making the switch from being Assistant News Director at Belo’s flagship Dallas station, ABC affil WFAA. Mark will report to former KING Executive News Director PAT COSTELLO, who was promoted to the VP and Station Manager slot. Other stations where Mark has left his mark are WHO in Des Moines where he was News Director as well as Minneapolis, Minnesota. He went to college in the twin city of St. Paul at St. Thomas University, majoring in journalism and business, of course. No doubt Mark and the KING folks will be celebrating with vigor this holiday season.

A lot going on at CourtTV.  First off, they’re going to change their name come January 1. Or, as the promo part of me likes to say, they’re rebranding. Going along with THAT big change comes word that MARC JURIS becomes the Executive Vice President and General Manager of the new CourtTV, which will be named truTV. English teachers are cringing at the “what letter is capitalized and what isn’t,” but there you are. It’s a promotion for Mr. J, who has called Court/tru home as GM since 04. Before that, he was president of Rainbow Media’s fuse network. Marc will report to STEVE KOONIN President of Turner Entertainment Networks. The self-admitted Blackberry addict is the man behind the excellent show, Murder By The Book, which uses real crime authors. Cool!

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By Kate Bacon