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KC Retrans Spat Gets Goofy

As the retrans row between Hearst-Argyle’s Kansas City duopoly and cabler Sunflower Broadband continues, TV writer non pareil Aaron Barnhart offers his take on the spat–and a commercial Sunflower is running offers its take on the matter. Sunflower boss Patrick Knorr stars in a 2-minute spot explaining the predicament, and telling viewers they can get their ABC programming from KTKA Topeka. 

That’s when it gets funny. Writes Barnhart:
Knorr’s self-serving commentary conveniently omits some facts, namely: Sunflower’s parent company owns KTKA — and Dish Network just dropped KTKA because station management was asking for too much money for the privilege of carrying KTKA!

So. The same company that is bewailing the fact that TV stations used to be offered for free to cable systems is also complaining — elsewhere in their vast, labyrinthine bureaucracy — that TV stations should be allowed to charge cable systems money!

Wait, it gets better. Dana Knorr, the wife of Patrick Knorr, is currently running KTKA — while espousing a diametrically opposed viewpoint from her husband! How do they sleep at night? 

The World Co. is the parent of both Sunflower and KTKA.

UPDATE: KTKA and Dish have worked out their differences.