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K-Fed on CSI. No, seriously.

Uh-oh, CSI fans.

CBS just announced today that Kevin Federline will guest star on an upcoming episode.

I’ll take “Jumping the Shark” for $200, Alex.

Federline will portray a “rapper” who gets semi-famous by marrying a burned-out pop star. Oh wait, I mean he plays Cole Tritt, an arrogant teenager who harasses the CSI team, according to a CBS press release.

C’mon CBS, you can’t expect to make a K-Fed announcement without taking a little good-natured ribbing!

If you’ve never heard of Federline, he is (kind of) known for being Mr. Britney Spears, and the subject of a really funny, animated running gag on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In other words, he is (semi) famous for doing nothing, so expect him to show up soon in a reality show, sex tape or Carl’s Jr. commercial splashing water all over himself.

Wow, do I hope it’s a reality show and not one of the other two.

–By Ben Grossman